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Introducing our Rieker collection of footwear for men and ladies, where style meets unparalleled comfort. Our diverse collection includes dressy heels, casual shoes, sandals, sporty walking shoes, boots, comfy trainers, wedge trainers, and pretty pumps, ensuring a perfect match for every taste and occasion. Experience the luxury of our anti-stress design and special construction that supports the wearer, allowing your feet to move naturally in comfort throughout the day. Free nationwide delivery over €80!


 Rieker Shoes, Sandals, Trainers & Walking Boots

Get ready to step into Rieker, a German shoe brand that understands your modern lifestyle and delivers footwear that not only feels amazing but also looks effortlessly trendy too. Designed to make your feet happy, we promise you’ll be glad you went with Rieker, the ultimate choice for shoe fashion and comfort.
Unparalleled Comfort Technology
Rieker’s innovative technology and high-quality materials come together to create footwear that adapts to your feet, providing a blissful walking experience all day long.
On Trend Shoe Designs
Drawing inspiration from the latest runway trends, Rieker infuses them with their signature touch to create shoes that are effortlessly stylish.
With a mix of dressy heels, casual shoes, sandals, sporty walking shoes, boots, comfy trainers, wedge trainers and pretty pumps, Rieker offers footwear options to suit all tastes.
Each pair is a statement piece, ready to elevate your outfit and make heads turn wherever you go.
Perfect Fit for Comfort & Flexibility
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that goes for our feet too.
Rieker shoes are designed to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of every foot, available in a wide range of sizes and widths, including half sizes, to ensure you’ll find your ideal match.
The anti-stress design and special construction works to support the wearer, allowing your feet to move naturally in comfort throughout the day.
Choose Rieker
See the Rieker collection at greenesshoes.com with free delivery over €80 with 1-2 days delivery.
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